Annual General Meeting 2023

On 24 February 2023 this will be an AGM like no other.

If nothing else you can come along and see if anyone is ready, willing and able to challenge me for the role of Chair at FCCC. Any potential candidates may wish for me to send them my time-sheets since assuming the role in 2022 before they make their final bid.

All part-joking aside there is much to be debated and agreed upon.

We need 18 to make a quorum but given the significance of what we are doing at FCCC I’d like support from more of you. Many of you said you want to help well this is one small way you can help me!

I’ll be covering the plans for FCCC for 2023, our achievements thus far, new member training, ideas for new Time Trialling initiatives plus much more. With Laura Key as our female Ambassador I’d be grateful if more of our growing number of female members would come along and cast their votes too.

We may even throw in a guest speaker who joined the Camberley Wheelers at the age of 14 back in the 1950’s who rode with some of those in our hall of fame who might be willing to come along to tell his story.

It will be at the Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Club on Friday 24 February 2023. Doors open at 7pm. Official business commences at 8pm.

Kind regards

Paul Hosemann

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