Club Kit

Ordering status: Open

Ordering window is now open for the next two weeks.

Kit details

The club’s red kit is made to order and is supplied by Bioracer. It can be ordered during one of our frequent ordering windows.  Check here and the Forum for the next window – we need to build up sufficient demand to make up the next order.

See the club’s online kit webshop

This kit (which is British Cycling registered for road racing) was given a modern twist based on earlier days of the club when red was the predominant colour.

Current price lists updated for 2019:

(please note these price lists do not include VAT, so don’t forget to add this to your order)



Detailed Specifications

Full specifications of the garment options available can be found on the Bioracer website here (note – this is a link to the external Bioracer website), and also on the online club kit shop

General Information

Professional ­ This range is more about comfort and a relaxed fit. So this range covers more the recreational rider, club cyclist who isn’t interested in saving 5w of power, or just the rider who wants to be a bit more comfortable.

Race Proven­ Performance garments have more panels for a tighter fit. They also have the latest fabrics before they are passed down to the Professional range.  Some fabrics do cross over the two ranges and then the difference is all about fit with the Race Proven being the tight race fit that you see the pros in.

The the two ranges have the same chamois by default so you don’t miss out on saddle comfort.

Follow these external links for more information:

1. Pixel Technology ­- Reflective technology that is fully printable. (note – this is a link to a Bioracer YouTube video)

2. Tempest -­ Water repellent garment that is fully printable. (note – this is a link to a Bioracer YouTube video)

3. Speedmaster TT– ­ Custom measured TT suit. (note – this is a link to a Bioracer YouTube video )

Sizing charts

Please see the Bioracer sizing charts (note – this is a link to the external Bioracer website)

The club has sizing samples that you can try at the monthly club night:

Gents M, L, XL

Ladies S, M, L, XL

IMPORTANT: Club kit is made to order and the club do not hold stock. Please be sure to order the correct size as we cannot exchange or refund unless there is a fault with the garment.

Ordering/Pre-Ordering Process

1. Use the above information links to decide what you want to order.

2. The next step depends on whether the club kit webshop is open for orders or not:

2a. If the club kit webshop is not open, then send an email to [email protected] so that the club can keep track of pre-orders, since we have a minimum order threshold with Bioracer. There is no need to send payment at this stage. Sending a pre-order email will help speed up the opening of the club kit webshop. Please send the following information:

  • Your name
  • Item code (eg. 51338)
  • Full Description (eg. JERSEY SS PROF QUADRI)
  • Extras if required
  • Total cost of order including VAT and any extras

2b. If the club kit webshop is open, then use it to choose what you want and then go through the checkout to pay securely online. You’ll need to create an account n the webshop if you don’t have one already.

3. The order will typically take 6-12 weeks to be made and delivered back to us. We will then collate the orders and make the kit available for collection from a central location.

Heritage Time Trial Kit

You may see some club time triallists wearing a black kit. This was an interim kit between the older yellow colours and the current red kit. This kit is no longer available to order.

Heritage Kit

All remaining club stock of heritage (blue/yellow) kit has been donated to Africa Kit Appeal, and therefore is no longer available.

Africa Kit Appeal Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to provide the kids of our supported African countries with the cycling apparel they need, not only will this enable the current cyclists to fulfil their full potential, dreams & ambitions but we hope we can also introduce some new faces into the world of cycling, a world that we love.”