Road Racing

Under the leadership of our Road Race Secretary Luke Stratford, the Club has a resurgent and rapidly growing Road Racing Team of women and men racers competing in races across the South of England at venues such as Hillingdon, Portsmouth, Thruxton, Hog Hill, Goodwood, Swindon, Milton Keynes and many others.

We’ve got experience of starting off riders at Category 4 (the entry point) and then progressing them up to Category 2 in just one season – we’ve proved that it can be done! The club is all about inclusiveness, and not elitism – we work to help all our riders progress, and not just a top few.

You can find out what the team has been up to recently via our Road Racing News Archive.

The road race team’s main activities are in events  run by the following organisations:

Races are normally restricted to one or more “categories” of rider, to ensure that racers compete against others of similar ability. The way that this system works is explained further in this article – Road Racing Categories.

Any current or prospective members, including road racing novices, who are interested in joining the Road Race Team please email Luke at  and he will guide you through the next steps.

Come and join us, it’s a friendly team and great fun!

Top photo credit – Bespoke Photos