Safe Road Riding

This page is intended to be a collection of links to articles and videos that show the safest (and most considerate) ways to ride on the road, as well as other related subjects.

Although many of us have been riding for a long time, best practice has changed over the years and what you were taught in a Cycling Proficiency test many moons ago is probably well out of date!

Road Positioning

Here’s a great article from on the commonly misunderstood subject of road positioning for cyclists.

What is and isn’t Legal on your Bike?

Riding two abreast, in the middle of the lane, with or without lights, reflectors and hi-viz – what does the law say, what does the Highway Code advise, and what are just urban myths? Cycling UK’s Senior Road Safety and Legal Campaigner Duncan Dollimore explains what’s legal on your bike – see this article.

Why do Cyclists Ride Two Abreast?