Farnham Town Centre Races – Sunday 7 July 6pm

Sunday 7 July sees the Farnham Festival of Cycling taking place, including the action-packed Town Centre Races from 6pm.

The races take place on a closed roads section of streets around the town centre. We have a large team of FCCC racers taking place in the 3rd Cat race at 6:40pm and the guys would love to hear some supporters cheering them on!

The races are free to watch, and with the riders whizzing by right in front of you, it’s exciting stuff. As the programme attached shows, there are several races including ones for kids, women and some Elite riders too.

There’s more information about the whole Festival at https://www.farnhamfestivalofcycling.org/

Car Servicing and Sales Discounts for Members

We’re very pleased to announce some exciting new benefits for club members.

A few months ago, West Heath Garage in Farnborough (who are located by West Heath roundabout, only 200m from our club riding meeting point by Speedy’s) kindly gave us some free tickets for the London Bike Show, which we passed on to a few lucky club members. Since then, we’ve had a few more conversations with them, and they have been able to come up with a really valuable set of benefits that we can now announce.

On car sales, West Heath Garage can offer FCCC members the following (on production of proof of membership):

  • £250 discount on any new or used car over and above any other offer or negotiated price
  • £250 free accessories on any new or ex-demonstrator Subaru car over and above any other offer or negotiated price

As well as being a full Subaru dealer, and a franchised Citroen/Peugeot servicing centre, West Heath Garage are also part of the Bosch Car Service Network. This means they can service and repair all makes and models of cars and vans. As part of this, they are offering the following further benefits to club members:

  • Free collection/delivery/vehicle wash in the Camberley/Farnborough area
  • 12.5% discount on labour charges for repairs
  • Fixed price service and MOT offers

We’re continuing to talk with West Heath Garage about other ideas where we can work together, including events. This definitely won’t include jersey sponsorship though, so don’t be concerned if you’ve recently bought club kit. We firmly believe that club kit should be kept free of any non-club references. Watch this space for news of further developments.



The results! It was close but well done to James on retaining his titles. 👍And great to see our road racers out tonight 👍👍


This Thursday 20th June is Club 10 Mile Championships time.  Continuing roadworks on the scheduled course HCC216a has meant us switching the event to the fast HCC175 on the A287 starting in Redlands Lane at Ewshott.

Mens, Ladies and Veterans titles (first claim members only) are for grabs so get yourselves along and give it your best shot, everyone welcome whatever your cycling preference or ability. Start time is 7pm so make sure you’re there in plenty of time to sign on at the start from 6.45 pm.

Course details: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/265288

Road Racing Round-Up – May 2019

With several races available each week at local venues, the club’s road racing team have recently been spoilt for choice as to where to put their efforts. We’re pleased to report that it’s been another busy and successful month. The best results are listed below, but the team have been in action at many more races than just these.

Special congratulations are due to Adam Bassom, Jamie Parkinson and Alex Ballinger for gaining enough British Cycling points to earn their 3rd Cat licences.

The club hosted a day of races for the LVRC at Dunsfold Park on 12 May. The day was very successful and we’d like to say a big thanks to all those members who helped out on the day. Without volunteers, none of these races can happen. Thank you!

1 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League Vets Series #1 ME/MF – Warren Vye 6th

3 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League 4ths Series #1 – Jasper Korteweg 8th, Giles Short 10th

7 May Hillingdon, BC West Thames Series #4 4ths – Adam Bassom 3rd, Jamie Parkinson 5th

7 May Thruxton, Behind the Bikeshed Series #4 4ths – Alex Ballinger 4th

8 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League Vets Series #2 ME/MF – Warren Vye 9th

12 May Dunsfold Park, LVRC Spring Classic – A Luke Stratford 6th, D Tony Clack 10th

15 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League Vets Series #3 – Luke Stratford forgot his kit, so ended up racing in rather – ahem – unconventional attire, as the photo below shows

17 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League 4ths Series #3 – Tony Morancie 9th

19 May South Chailey, LVRC Le Col/Arcadian Series 2019 #5 – C Warren Vye 7th, D Tony Clack 8th

21 May Hillingdon, BC West Thames Series #6 – 4ths Joe Naylor 7th. 3rds Luke Stratford 7th, Adam Bassom 10th. Matt Fawcett, Martin Richardson, Mike Woodhead and Jamie Parkinson also raced, making a big club turnout

22 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League Vets Series #4 MC/MD Luke Stratford 7th

23 May Hillingdon, Masters Series #4, Masters 50+ Warren Vye 7th

24 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League 4ths Series #4 – Gavin Lattimore 10th

28 May Hillingdon, BC West Thames Series #7 – 4ths Adam Dart 4th, 3rds Luke Stratford 7th (provisional – Luke’s result is being double-checked)

Adam Dart is in the black and green (British Cycling rules allow 4th cat riders to race in non-club kit, though Adam does have club kit on order)

29 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League Vets Series #5 – ME/MF Tony Clack 9th, MC/MD Luke Stratford 9th

31 May Dunsfold Park, Surrey League 4ths Series #5 – Jasper Korteweg 2nd

For a little insight on what it’s like to be in one of these races, this is what Luke Stratford had to say after his 3rd Cat race on 21 May at Hillingdon:

With five of us lined up in red there was a good chance we could control the race. Team plan: have someone in every break, two if possible, and if caught then sit back in the pack and recharge, staying top 15.

Having started near the back, I spent the whole first lap moving up – tough job – and I had to take the outside line around the hairpins just in time to join the first break with Mike already on it. We were clear and stayed away for just over a lap, but there was a lack of commitment from non-FCCC riders so it slowed and we got swallowed up. I had to drop to the back as I was blown, only to be replaced by Jamie and Martin, who joined Mike in chasing everything down. About lap 8 or 9 Mike made a solo break. I wasn’t far enough forward to block at the front, but I rode off line, top ten, blocking any more coming up the inside – they had to go onto the grass to get around me. Mike stayed away for two to three laps before suffering a mechanical.

The commitment from the guys was great! There was always someone top ten and I would say there were break attempts for 15-16 of the 22 laps and we were in 12-13 of them! Unlike the Vets race there is no sitting up when a break goes so it was going to be a bunch sprint. And with the boys briefed on the finishing tactics I was sitting tenth wheel approaching the hairpins, only to have Jamie appear to my right. Good man! With a blip of the gas I let him in, positioning was good and he was holding his lines well. I was hugging his wheel like my life depended on it, hoping there was another FCCC rider hugging mine because today was going to be a good sprint day! As we approached the last corner it was time to break formation and take the shorter inside line, nudging the power to 80% then 100% as we straightened up! I had a clear line through the middle to take it! I was catching the riders in front and kept full power on past the line. Squeezing a 7th and only losing out on 5th and 6th by a few inches! Adam B had followed through to get 10th on his first Cat 3 race.

If you’re interested in the idea of road racing, then get in touch with our RR secretary, Warren Vye. He looks after a friendly team with a wealth of experience who can pass on plenty of advice and tips.

Happy 80th Birthday to Ron Taylor

The club would like to wish a very happy birthday to club Vice President Ron Taylor, who is 80 years young today.

A number of members were able to meet up with Ron at the cafe stop (Newlyn’s Farm Shop Cafe) on today’s mid-week club ride. Ron went there by train and bike with his granddaughter, while Ron’s son Graham (also a member, even though he now lives in France) came along with everyone else on the club ride.

Ron had his special “race number” pinned on for the occasion, as you can see in the photos, on his classic club kit.

For those who don’t know Ron, he used to lead a club ride for many years, and he has given an enormous amount to the club over more than fifty years. We salute you, Ron, and wish you a very Happy Birthday.

TT ROUND UP – May 2019

TT ROUND UP – May 2019

There has been a real stop/start feel to this year’s TT season with the disruption that has been wreaked on the club TT courses by long term roadworks, alongside adverse weather, preventing the build-up of momentum we normally see by now from the weekly races.  So far we have lost 50% of the club events during April and May.   Extremely frustrating but alas a common problem across lots of LWDC clubs.

We hope to switch a couple of events scheduled for June to the HCC175 following which the roadworks are scheduled to have been completed and we can get back to normal.

Despite the disruption on the club TT scene the club’s TT racers have been pretty active in CTT Open events leading up to what should now be the peak summer months.  A quick round-up of results so far:

Click here for an expanded version of these results.

Vernon and James lead the way in events ridden so far with James recording some very impressive top 10 finishes in the early season hilly TTs and Vernon committing himself to the Spring Cup road bike series of races.  Vernon has once again been keeping us entertained with his race reports posted in the Time Trials section of the Members Forum  (you have to be logged in to access this area of the website).

Rider photos have been difficult to come by, but with the kind permission of David Clifford we’ve been able to get our hands on FCCC team members photos at the recent Farnham RC 10 mile event on the H10/8.

From top to bottom: Nick Cosgreave, Rob Salmond, Jeff Davis and Vernon Schutte.

Meanwhile in Wales….

Former FCCC Chairman and still second claim FCCC member Dave Triska, who incidentally is flying this season for Team Bottrill, joined FCCC team members Vernon Schutte, Tim Carman and Jeff Davis for a weekend in Wales to ride the super quick R25/3h course in South Wales on 12 May.

Dave found a lovely Airbnb cottage and sourced a lovely dinner online from “Cooks”.  This was his tongue in cheek summary of the weekend:

“So a good day all round.

After a drive up yesterday Jeff and Tim decided to chin off my Airbnb booking and broke into the mansion next door, the owner seeing Jeff’s confused state thought he was a wandering relative of a neighbour and instead offered him a milky tea – got away with it scot free.

A lovely evening meal of massive pie 🥧 was had, everyone bloated and farting on the couches like an indolent Labrador .

Entertainment seemed to be quite racy – we heard the noise of an adult film being shot next door 😱. Closer inspection (for research of course) showed it was in fact Vernon grunting and sweating over a cassette. We closed our eyes and pretended it wasn’t.

Tim PBd and only shat himself once going down the bank. 👍🏻 he also managed to miss the most horrific toilet in Wales at Rhigos and it’s poo mountain 🏔, not the full experience I feel.

Jeff showed what a trooper he was on his continued comeback from injury. Not content with his bionic parts he went around a roundabout for 2 mins to give the other vets a fighting chance.

I likewise felt that I needed one more trip for project 49 so decided to go into a roundabout 10mph too fast and skid into an unintended exit. Shame powered me to a PB just north of 50 😬

Vernon, replete in his new aero kit (the salad bowl 🥗 helmet was ditched) knocked 3 mins off his time to the turn 💪 and achieved a segment Pb.

Wales is awesome! Come on the next trip.”

And Dave is absolutely right, this is an awesome course and should be on every TTers list for a 25 pb.  There is likely to be another FCCC trip later this year (probably 18 August) so keep an eye out in the FCCC Time Trial 2019 WhatsApp group for details.  If you haven’t joined just email TT Captain Vernon on [email protected] and he’ll add you to it.

…. And in Scotland

FCCC TTer and Road Racer, Dean Hendry, competed in the recent Scottish National 10 Mile Championship on 5 May, recording a time of 23:54 on what proved to be a tough course (no-one sub-20). At the time of writing British Cycling have yet to publish the results so we’re not sure of Dean’s placing but it’s great to see the club represented in a “national” – well done Dean.

Great position Dean!

Recycle Your Inner Tubes – Cycle of Good

These days, a lot of riders find it’s a lot less hassle to simply buy a new inner tube than to repair a punctured one. Which is all well and good, but what happens to your old tube?

If you’ve just been throwing away your old tubes, then stop!

We’ve found a great home for them – the Cycle of Good charity, which sends them to Malawi where they create quality handcrafted goods using recycled materials (like your old inner tubes) by training tailors in the world’s poorest places so they can earn a decent living. You can see their products and buy them here.

All money made by Cycle of Good pays for childcare and non-profit social enterprise in Malawi. That’s why it’s called the Cycle of Good!

Any size bike tubes are ok – from mountain bikes, road bikes, kids’ bikes, whatever. Tubes that have patches on are fine too. They only type of tube they don’t take are ones filled with sealant – it’s just too messy, unfortunately.

You can send them your tubes via the instructions on the Cycle of Good website, drop them in to a branch of Cycle Surgery, or you can bring them along to one of our club nights where we’ll batch them up and send them off for you.

MTB XC Regional Championships – Report

Ollie Rastall reports on his latest mountain bike XC racing exploits

A few days away in Cornwall with the family and friends was possibly not ideal preparation ahead of Round 3 of the Southern XC Series. A couple of coastal rides kept the legs ticking over but I didn’t feel overly sharp as I arrived in the New Forest, en route to home from North Cornwall.

After a practise lap, I was excited to get out on the Crow Hill course that suited my riding style and ability. With 10 strong riders in the Expert category, I knew it would be competitive throughout and quick from the gun. Twisty single track with rooty sections is par for any Southern XC course, but well designed loamy sections were something of a novelty and provided excellent grip in the sunny, dry weather.

The field strung out after a lap or so and I found myself working through the bunch and ended up on the wheel of Dave Bone, a decent rider who I knew had another gear when he wanted it. Another (gobby) rider may have requested that I do some of the work, which would’ve been fair cop, but I genuinely knew that if I turned the screw on him, I would only eat humble pie later in the race as he sailed on by.

I dropped my only bottle on a fire road section and made a mental note to try and force a gap on Dave so I wouldn’t lose much time by stopping to pick it up on the next lap. Easier said than done. I created a gap as he took on some fuel and slowed down to pick up my bottle. I unclipped a pedal, swung a leg over, braked too hard and flipped over the bars. It was a ridiculous ‘crash’ with no scrapes or damage, just dent in the pride and 30 seconds off the clock.

I chased Dave down and we caught another couple of guys. The four of us (one was a Vet) did a lap or so in a train until I decided to put the bike down on a sharp, slow loamy corner. This was enough to let the three of them get away. Chasing them down would’ve lead to a bonk and I had created enough of a gap behind to be confident that, bar no more slip ups (or sit downs), my position was secure. The heavens opened on the penultimate lap which changed the dynamic of the course.

Roots became slippery, loam turned soggy and heavy. Fortunately, most of the race was under the canopy of trees so the rain couldn’t fully penetrate the course but more care was needed to see out the race in one piece.

With the race being selected by British Cycling as the Regional Championships, the field was always going to be strong. Finishing 5th was a respectable result and except for the 5th and final lap where the stronger, lighter guys had some more in the taps and I didn’t, I held my own and was in podium contention for most of the race.

For me, this was the best course on the SouthernXC circuit but sadly my fitness (and basic bike handling skills!) couldn’t justify a podium on this occasion.

Also check out Ollie’s report on the first round at Winchester.

Dates for your Diary

Here are a few upcoming club events that we think may be of interest, with links to find out more information:

Friday 7 June 2019 – Club Night – behind the scenes at Cycling Weekly

Saturday 8 June 2019 – Off-road ride

Thursday 20 June 2019 – FCCC 10 mile time trial Club Championships – trophies up for grabs!

Thursday evenings – weekly club time trials through to the start of September (free for club members)

To find out more about time trials, see the Time Trials page or email [email protected]. To find out more about club nights, see the Club Nights page or email [email protected]. For off-road rides see the Off-Road page.

Club Volunteers – Making Racing Happen

Last Sunday, 12 May 2019, the club held a very successful day of road races for the LVRC at the Dunsfold Park aerodrome circuit (yes, the one where the BBC’s Top Gear is filmed).

We were delighted to receive some very positive feedback both from racers and from the LVRC (League of Veteran Racing Cyclists) about the event. For example, the report on the LVRC’s website describes it as follows:

A well-run promotion by Warren Vye and his Farnborough & Camberley team at Dunsfold Airfield. Spring was in the air, and the weather was pleasant, with light winds – a welcome change from the rain of the previous day. Racing was lively in all three events, and promoter Warren Vye had matters so well organised on the day that he was able to ride in the C/D race.

We’d like to say a big “thank you” to all the members who volunteered their time to help make this event such a big success. Without volunteers, these sort of events simply can’t happen, so we’re very grateful, and plenty of racers thanked the club on the day too. We’re also glad that many of our helpers seemed to enjoy themselves, and were interested to see what goes on behind the scenes to make a cycling event work.

Thank you!