Sarah Lorna Henden Dunn

Correspondence and photos courtesy of Sara’s son, Roland Woodhall, 2022

My mother who is 90 this year was a member of Camberley CC and Farnborough CC in her younger years. Her name was is Sarah Lorna Henden Dunn. She has dementia now but she always spoke so fondly of her memories.

It was because of my mother that I took up cycling when I was 15 and then into TT’s with Mercia Cycling Club, Burton on Trent, I’m now 61!

If you have anything that records mum’s riding years and races that would be amazing.

I did look at group B&W photo on front page, can’t be certain but the woman to the left front holding a bike looks very much like Sarah.

Thank you so very much for your help, I will forward any other info I have to help further if you are able to help.

My Grandad also raced, have a picture in plus-fours, he raced Frank Dunn.

Thank you again, Roland Woodhall.

I had a look at my mother’s old photo album and found a group photo with some of the same faces of the image you have on your “History” page.

Will attach with images of my mum of same period.

Have others of group one at a wedding with club holding wheels above heads as they come out of church.

Look forward to hearing from you, Roland Woodhall.

This is a wedding with members of Camberley Wheelers. I Googled churches in the area and am quite sure this is St Michael’s as the door archway design matches:

Another club group photo:

Sarah with cups and certificates, mum aged 15 in 1947.

Found that her family lived at 18 Park St, Camberley.

Looks like it’s changed beyond recognition.

Would be great if someone could name the couple at the wedding. I remember my mum used to tell me that’s how many club weddings would look, an archway of front wheels, brilliant.

Hope you will be able to use some or all images, will keep a lookout for any others I come across.

Kind regards,

Roland Woodhall.