Spokes of Bagshot – An Exclusive Sale Event

We have an exclusive event for our members on Weds 19 July 2023 at Spokes in Bagshot.

Through our relationship with James Thompson (the owner) and Nigel Fletcher, James is hosting a Sales Event as he looks to clear some of his stock ahead of his year end – hence the date next month rather than in the autumn as we had originally planned.

With deals ranging from 25% to 60% across a range of bikes (TT, Road, Gravel and Off Road), accessories and clothing – Spokes will open its doors to us from 7pm to 9.30 for you to hunt down a bargain for the summer!

There is still plenty of good weather ahead to enjoy your purchase.

A large number of our members use and speak highly of spokes for their after-sales service so don’t be shy to come down. It’s only 8 minutes down the M3 from Farnborough.

The address is 55 High Street, Bagshot, GU19 5AH

Light refreshments and nibbles will be provided on the night or a glass of wine or beer for those not needing to drive.

Feel free to bring a guest or partner with you.

Here are two examples at the upper end of the market to whet your appetite. Plenty of other deals are available.

The Giant Trinity Advanced Pro TT Bike (large frame) with Shimano Ultegra Di2, Dura Ace cranks and Stages Power Meter (RRP £8,000 in the sale for (£4,850)

And below the Vielo Limited Edition V+1 Gen 2 Gravel (only 50 ever made) (RRP £7,000 is available for £3,850. Superlight carbon frame with Integrated handlebar and stem. Campagnolo EKAR 13-speed and Campagnolo Shamal Carbon wheels.

There are many more deals so please join us and meet James and his team on this exclusive event.

For those that might intend using a Cycle to Work Voucher Scheme please let James know in advance.

He may be reached on info@spokesofbagshot.com

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

The 2023 Club Badge Challenges –

We are almost half way through the year and the various challenges we set for our members to ride this year.

Participation has been tremendous notably in the Trails and 100 Club even though some have reported it is distorting what they regarded as ‘normal’ club riding.

With the single goal of getting more of us out together on a variety of Club Rides it is not too late to still pursue many of the awards available for these club badges. Even if you feel it is beyond you this year you always have next year too!

The Gold Award pictured above will be granted to anyone achieving the other four badges at any time. We realised achieving them all in a single year may have been one pedal stroke too many for us mere mortals.

So get out and keep on cycling. These badges will be first awarded at the CNOTY 2024.

Tee shirts are other club kit with these on will be available in the months to come so stay tuned.

A big THANK YOU to DC and Liam McCormick for the tremendous help with getting the Artwork completed.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

British Cycling & FCCC Flyers Summer of Cycling – Sunday 30th July 2023

As part of British Cycling’s efforts to get more people into cycling the Farnborough & Camberley CC (FCCC) are pleased to announce that our FCCC Flyers (our GoRide accredited coaching team) are offering…

An introduction to cycling  ‘Family Ride’ on Sunday 30th July – (from 9.00 am – 10.30am) 

For more details please click HERE.

It is free to join. Places will be limited due to the number of volunteers we have to support the event.

Applications to join the ride should be sent to kids@fccc.org.uk whereupon we shall send you an application form (outlining the necessary conditions to ride) to complete and sign. We will then let you know if your application has been successful in due course.

Paul Hosemann (Chair and British Cycling Coach)

A Summer of Club Cycling at FCCC

I’m pleased to say that this past two weekends saw the culmination of several months of work at FCCC bringing together the benefits of the classroom based Member Workshop and the Ride Leading Workshop plus the outdoor group ride leading session to be able to offer our members more variety in the weekly rides offered.

With the welcome contributions from several members all graciously volunteering their time for FCCC we have had 16 different Clubs rides go out covering inter-alia:

  • a super gentle pace ride led by Hillary and Hannah,
  • the Wednesday Social Rides (led by Peter, Karen, Nigel & Vernon),
  • various 100 km rides offered by DC, the FCCC Chair & Laura (toward the 100 Club Challenge),
  • a 100km Gentle Pace Ride (led by Cesar and Clare)
  • a 100 mile to Hayling Island and back (pictured) & a 150 mile ride (both offered by DC),
  • the Sunday quick pace rides (offered by Bob and Luke),
  • Mid paced rides offered on both Saturdays and Sundays (by Dom and Paul B),
  • The Sunday Gentle pace offered by (Clare and Cesar)
  • An FCCC Friday ride (from the Chair)
  • An FCCC Thursday (from Karen),
  • our regularly Thursday night TT’s; and
  • even Dom and Richard’s trip to France – to name just a few of the rides (as I am sure I’ve missed one or two!)

We are seeing new interest in riding with FCCC each and every week with new riders trying out rides and then joining the Club, which is now approaching 230 members (and growing).

Thanks to the small number of our regular volunteers putting on such an array of road rides and to the team of Dalt’s, Carl, DC, Clare and the Chair for continuing to offer off-road rides too (albeit fewer while the weather is getting a few more back out on the road).

If you are not a member and want to try club riding feel free to contact us at membership@fccc.org.uk

We have many members who ride regularly who we would like to also see offer Club rides and spread the load. (More workshops are available should you want them).

We encourage anyone joining the Club to come to a riding at FCCC workshop too to learn about club riding and meet fellow members (new and existing).

Stay safe and keep up the cycling.

Things seem to be working – at least while the sun is shining! 🌞

Paul Hosemann (Chair 🙂)

Handing over the baton – Women’s Ambassador

In every great relay team the goal is to pass the baton on both in time and within the permitted zone so as to keep the team moving with a chance of success at the end.

Well today Laura Key is handing her baton to Clare White as FCCC’s Women’s Ambassador.

With a wedding coming up later this year and preparations for LEJOG Laura felt it was time to step down.

Laura was a really big help to me getting this initiative off the ground in 2022 and helping set up and attend the inaugural meeting as well as leading most of the mid-pace rides for FCCC for the summer/autumn 2022.

May I use this opportunity to openly thank you, Laura, for your help and candour during this past year.  We’ve had the odd good laugh along the way too 😊.

Clare started her riding with FCCC last summer through joining our Easy Trails rides and, like Laura, is now organising ride leading (in her case with Ces) for the Sunday Gentle Pace ride as well as the odd off-road ride too.

Clare also works from time to time with other local cycling activities within Rushmoor and helped us as one of our ‘cycling chaperones’ for our FCCC Family Rides. 

Like Laura, Clare calls things as she sees them, which I very much welcome and wants to continue to develop women’s cycling and a wider participation within FCCC across the many other things we do.

Since the end of the Covid lockdown, our female membership (now on its way to 20% of our total membership) has been one of the fastest growing segments in the Club. It is still growing week by week for all categories of rides (including Time Trialling, Off Road and, of course, Road) and we’re proud to have several female members competing at the World Triathlon and Duathlon Championships for Team GB alongside a few of their male FCCC counterparts.

Please help support Clare in anyway you can.

One of the first things to look out for will be the FCCC ‘Women Members only Bike Maintenance Workshop’.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

Help us to help you! 🙏

So what’s the guy in the picture saying? 🤔

.. Something about old news – I don’t know I wasn’t really listening! 🤣

They say that old news is no news. No one reads yesterday’s news. It’s true!

So for your FCCC rides please use this ‘new’ link (click on the word RIDES below), which we created for you several weeks ago to put ALL of the FCCC rides into one single, simple to read, place. It’s only for members to access so for those reading this post who are not members we make no apology but openly welcome you to come join us.


It has everything you’ll need to know.

Where to meet, when, where you’ll be going, who is leading, the pace etc. Yes – everything in an easy to use calendar format so that you can plan ahead.

When you are in your account why not also instantly flip across to the Events tab too and see what else is on offer at FCCC. For example – from there you can then add the Club Nights to your personal calendars that you said you never knew about. 🫢

Who knows you might even find something else in there that you never knew about FCCC too like the three ride training sessions we are putting on for you at the Hillingdon Race circuit in June, July and September. Nigel Fletcher our Level 3 coach is designing the courses that will not simply be a repeat of the ones we ran in 2022. You may also have the chance to ride alongside a former UK National Cycling Champion and one or two Team GB World Championship riders if we can truly align everyone’s diaries.

There’s a lot more to FCCC than you might imagine! Take a look for yourself…

Go on. Be a devil 👿 and use the website to HELP us to HELP you 😊.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

FCCC Club Night for ‘An Audience with … our Team GB’ (updated for a 5th guest!)

For our Club Night on Friday 28th July (for which you are being given plenty of warning) I will be speaking with a group of individuals who together on stage will share their stories cumulatively for proudly representing their countries under the Team GB banner.

Participating in the 2023 World Long Distance Triathlon Championships , the World Triathlon Duathlon Championships (to name just a couple of events they are competing in) it will be a night to share with these five Lions!

From our very own Club (albeit I still need Morag to renew her membership) we will spending the evening with Morag McDowall, Ruth Jones, Kendra Hall, Jez Hall and Eliot Digby-Jones.

In my book, simply to be selected to represent Team GB and go on to participate in such formidable events is an achievement in itself.

It undoubtedly requires dedication, insane training schedules, discipline (both dietary and sporting) and unquestionable ABILITY.

Come hear their stories at our next Club Night.

Please refer to our calendar of events for more details on the precise timing and location.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

A ‘thank you’ to Pedal Heaven

Last night 25 FCCC members went for a private after-hours opening at Pedal Heaven – 311 Fleet High Street).

Des Series and his team (Steve (pictured above) and Lewis (pictured below)) kindly gave us a ‘Pedal Heaven live workshop experience’ for bike maintenance as well as permitting us all to peruse their shop while drinking cups of tea & coffee and eating a few cookies along the way.

In answer to the question “How do you think it went Des?” His answer to me was “It’s all about building a relationship with local clubs and supporting the local community.”

I did notice we almost emptied his entire supply of Citrus Degreaser plus a few other tools (notably the ‘Speedier’ tyre removal tool) from the shelves.

On behalf of everyone at FCCC who attended may we thank Des, Steve and Lewis for giving up their time, laying on the evening for us and providing the refreshments.

It was a fun ‘all about bikes’ evening.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

In Memoriam – The 1 Million Mile Man – Russ Mantle

Tonight I bring the sad news that the Farnham RC member Russ Mantle , the ‘Million Mile Cyclist’, died on 1 May aged 86.

Around the 70s and 80s he was Runs Secretary of W Surrey CTC and led their rides for over 20 years. We know that at that time he was in touch with the Border CA.

I had the pleasure of bumping into Russ during an FCCC Club ride when we just happened to both be in the Searle Tea Rooms at the moment after our respective rides.

Intrigued by a few us wearing FCCC Club colours he introduced himself and proudly showed me his hand written record of his millions miles (much in the same way our Club legend Dick Poole meticulously keeps his records too). He had just been interviewed by a major UK newspaper about his achievement.

I am sure there may be other FCCC members who knew Russ but are not aware of his death.

Russ’s funeral will be on  Friday June 9th at at 1.30pm at Aldershot Crematorium, followed by a wake at ‘The Princess Royal’ in Runfold.

In sympathy and recognition of his achievement.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)