Summer Social Ride – Report

Sunday 30th June saw four pace groups meet at The Bridge at 09.30 for a Summer Social ride out to Velolife at Wargrave.

In typical British fashion, the perfect weather of Saturday had been replaced by cloudy skies and some drizzle but it didn’t seem to put anyone off. The gentle, mid, quick and fast-paced groups set off on their respective routes with the aim of all arriving at Velolife at 11.00 for coffee and cake.

A rather dramatic-looking “off” in the mid paced group (the rider was fine to continue though) and a puncture in the fast group meant that the quick paced group were first to arrive – or so they thought. After racking their bikes they found that Donna and Jon had beaten them to it by riding up by the river on their mountain bikes!

Tables and cakes secured, the mid, gentle and fast paced groups arrived shortly afterwards and the Velolife decking was subject to an FCCC takeover. The café coped admirably with the mass arrival of hungry cyclists and the sun even poked through the clouds making for an enjoyable coffee stop for everyone and a great chance to catch up for members who don’t always ride together.

It was wonderful to see everyone out together creating a sea of red jerseys – with thanks to Karen, DC, Bob and Carl for organising their groups and routes and to everyone for joining on the day.

Hannah Lucas

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