Thank you… and Season’s Greetings

To our members..

As the picture clearly demonstrates we all may have a different interpretation on what we see in front of us or how we perceive the world, well may I take this opportunity to thank each and every member who has given something to the Club in 2023.

Whether that is standing by the side of the road marshalling one of our Club TT’s or helping by leading some of our weekly rides we appreciate each and every minute those of you have given for others to enjoy their cycling.

There is a lot that goes on silently behind the scenes that is taken for granted such as the treasury function, the production and auditing of our accounts, coordinating the Zwift Racing league, operating the TT events and driving out checking the routes the night before to make sure they are safe to ride, the Club Nights, organising our other social events, ordering the club kit for everyone, maintaining our social media pages, monitoring our WhatsApp groups, hiring venues, clearing up after others at Club Nights (including laying on refreshments), dealing with new membership requests and looking to offer new riders a ride or two to try out, back office administration, coordinating membership renewals, maintaining our website, being on the Committee, liaising with the local authorities for use of venues or dealing with our club affiliations and putting on training just to name those that immediately spring to mind.

I’m sure I’m missing some important items but nevertheless may I thank those of you for volunteering and helping keep FCCC on the roads and trails.

May I wish you a healthy and happy festive season. My thoughts are with those of you who have lost loved ones this year and those who are dealing with sick friends and family at this time. 🙏

Just like the picture, our cycling club is made up of many things that you simply don’t see even though they are right in front of you.

Festive regards,

Paul Hosemann (chair)

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