Time Trialling at FCCC in 2024

As many of you already know, but for those of you who don’t, Sean Powers has recently joined the Committee and stepped up to assume responsibilities for Time Trialling at FCCC in 2024 et seq.

It is an area where I have received many questions during my time in the chair. While many members already participate we know more would like to but they don’t know how to go about it, do they need a TT bike to participate and whether there are other special requirements to do so.

These are all good questions.

To encourage more of our members to participate next year we wish to dispel the myth and mysteries surrounding this important area of cycling. Whether it is simply to have fun, improve your fitness or use it as part of your training regime TT’s are a great way to participate. It’s a great little community of cyclists which we wish to open to more of you.

I attach a link to the existing area on our website (below) which you can read to learn a little more.

As part of the AGM Twenty’24 (on Friday 23 February 2024) Sean and I intend running a short session with a Q&A for you to come to discuss TT’s at FCCC. I’m hoping Vernon will help too but I haven’t asked him yet! 🙂 Please come along.

Kind regards, Paul Hosemann (chair).

NOTE: The picture shows some of our participants at the end of a Thursday Night Club TT chatting about their PB’s and comparing notes about the route etc.. I know when I did my first TT (pictured) I spent the first 7 miles of an 11 mile course trying desperately not to be caught! Btw – I’m the geezer in the orange in the middle of the picture with a green MTB helmet proving you don’t need a fancy TT bike or equipment to have a go! 🤣

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