Club Trophies

For those who actively compete each year for one of the many FCCC Club Trophies it will come as no surprise that we are approaching the end of the year for which you will soon be putting your names forward for an award.

The awards are presented at the Club Night of the Year (CNOTY) each year. A tradition which has been running for decades. Personal engravings are worked on at the start of each year – in some cases being added to trophies dating back almost a century.

For a contingent within the Club, it is often true that some of our members do not even know these trophies exist or where to go to find out about them. (FYI – they are currently contained as a list at the back of our Club Rules & Regulations).

Paul Burcombe has just released the tickets for CNOTY’24 (on Saturday 31st March 2024) as the start of our annual preparations.

To make it easier for you all, and to encourage more of you to challenge for a trophy in 2024 et seq., we will shortly be sending out a new spreadsheet for you to use to see what trophies and awards are available to compete for in the hope that more are awarded for the year ahead – so they are hopefully not just gathering dust on the shelf.

Please look out for the announcements and the spreadsheet in the coming weeks.

Kind regards,

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

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