Thank you to Keith Griffiths 👍

A BiG thankyou to Keith Griffiths for coming to tell his story at our Club Night and to the 25 of you who turned up to listen as well as to Andria, my wife, for the food (hot and cold) and looking after our guests.

The best line of the night was when Keith said ‘If you can do 200 kms you can do 600 kms. You only have to think of it as three x 200 km rides’.

Breaking it all down into bite size chunks.

For a chap that does so little training the distances he rides and his method of planning his rides (subject to the weather forecast) combined with his preference to ride at night was inspiring, charming and enlightening.

Willing to sleep in bus stops or on people’s lawns or in open doorways or garages left deliberately open with mattresses on the ground shows the lengths these Audax riders go just to sneak a 10 or 30 minute Power Nap 😴..

Audax in Latin means ‘audacious, courageous… spirited… foolhardy… presumptuous and rash’.

These are the ways we will now consider Keith forever!

Thank you, Keith, for being a great final guest for me to close out the series of “FCCC’s An Audience with…”

Many people have said how much they enjoyed your story!

Kind regards,

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

Thank you… plus a few other pictures from the night.

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