Paris-Brest-Paris – 1200km – Keith rides again!

Club member Keith Griffiths is no stranger to long-distance bike rides, but even though he’s done PBP before, a 1200km bike ride is a challenge for anyone. Even more so since he’ll only get the odd hour of sleep here and there on the way, but no overnight stays (because there isn’t time!).

Keith is riding the Paris-Brest-Paris 2023 audax, starting this coming Sunday 20 August. It’s only held every four years, and has rigorous qualification requirements, so even getting to the start line is an achievement in itself.

Paris-Brest-Paris is a randonnee and not a race, but even so there is a time limit of 90 hours to complete the ride.

You can follow Keith’s progress through the randonnee control points via the official website . Keith is rider number i026.

Keith will be talking about his audax experiences at the upcoming Club Night on Friday 29 September, and no doubt he’ll be recounting some stories from PBP. Make sure you come along to hear all about it.

Good luck Keith!

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