Changes on the Committee

Announcing a change in FCCC’s team formation.

I would like to formally thank Danielle Millar for the year she has given to me and FCCC on the Club Committee as the General Secretary.

She is going to take a sabbatical with an intention of helping us again in some shape or form in 2024.

Many of you will know Danielle from her weekly spins at the Club Time Trials, her attendance at Club Nights or her participation in the annual Hill Climbing Challenge.

I will miss her dedication, patience, calming influence and behind the scenes support. Thank you, Danielle xx

As part of this change, Danielle and I are very grateful to announce that Hannah Lucas has agreed to take on the role to provide me/FCCC with a seamless change that allows Danielle to step down gracefully.

Many of those regularly riding in mid-pace will have met Hannah since she joined the Club this summer. She carries a welcome abundance of enthusiasm for cycling!

Please join me in thanking Danielle for her work at FCCC and to welcoming Hannah into the role.

Paul Hosemann ( Chair)

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