A Summer of Club Cycling at FCCC

I’m pleased to say that this past two weekends saw the culmination of several months of work at FCCC bringing together the benefits of the classroom based Member Workshop and the Ride Leading Workshop plus the outdoor group ride leading session to be able to offer our members more variety in the weekly rides offered.

With the welcome contributions from several members all graciously volunteering their time for FCCC we have had 16 different Clubs rides go out covering inter-alia:

  • a super gentle pace ride led by Hillary and Hannah,
  • the Wednesday Social Rides (led by Peter, Karen, Nigel & Vernon),
  • various 100 km rides offered by DC, the FCCC Chair & Laura (toward the 100 Club Challenge),
  • a 100km Gentle Pace Ride (led by Cesar and Clare)
  • a 100 mile to Hayling Island and back (pictured) & a 150 mile ride (both offered by DC),
  • the Sunday quick pace rides (offered by Bob and Luke),
  • Mid paced rides offered on both Saturdays and Sundays (by Dom and Paul B),
  • The Sunday Gentle pace offered by (Clare and Cesar)
  • An FCCC Friday ride (from the Chair)
  • An FCCC Thursday (from Karen),
  • our regularly Thursday night TT’s; and
  • even Dom and Richard’s trip to France – to name just a few of the rides (as I am sure I’ve missed one or two!)

We are seeing new interest in riding with FCCC each and every week with new riders trying out rides and then joining the Club, which is now approaching 230 members (and growing).

Thanks to the small number of our regular volunteers putting on such an array of road rides and to the team of Dalt’s, Carl, DC, Clare and the Chair for continuing to offer off-road rides too (albeit fewer while the weather is getting a few more back out on the road).

If you are not a member and want to try club riding feel free to contact us at membership@fccc.org.uk

We have many members who ride regularly who we would like to also see offer Club rides and spread the load. (More workshops are available should you want them).

We encourage anyone joining the Club to come to a riding at FCCC workshop too to learn about club riding and meet fellow members (new and existing).

Stay safe and keep up the cycling.

Things seem to be working – at least while the sun is shining! 🌞

Paul Hosemann (Chair 🙂)

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