Help us to help you! 🙏

So what’s the guy in the picture saying? 🤔

.. Something about old news – I don’t know I wasn’t really listening! 🤣

They say that old news is no news. No one reads yesterday’s news. It’s true!

So for your FCCC rides please use this ‘new’ link (click on the word RIDES below), which we created for you several weeks ago to put ALL of the FCCC rides into one single, simple to read, place. It’s only for members to access so for those reading this post who are not members we make no apology but openly welcome you to come join us.


It has everything you’ll need to know.

Where to meet, when, where you’ll be going, who is leading, the pace etc. Yes – everything in an easy to use calendar format so that you can plan ahead.

When you are in your account why not also instantly flip across to the Events tab too and see what else is on offer at FCCC. For example – from there you can then add the Club Nights to your personal calendars that you said you never knew about. 🫢

Who knows you might even find something else in there that you never knew about FCCC too like the three ride training sessions we are putting on for you at the Hillingdon Race circuit in June, July and September. Nigel Fletcher our Level 3 coach is designing the courses that will not simply be a repeat of the ones we ran in 2022. You may also have the chance to ride alongside a former UK National Cycling Champion and one or two Team GB World Championship riders if we can truly align everyone’s diaries.

There’s a lot more to FCCC than you might imagine! Take a look for yourself…

Go on. Be a devil 👿 and use the website to HELP us to HELP you 😊.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

2 Replies to “Help us to help you! 🙏”

  1. Paul

    Your picture looks as if you are saying “What the heck have I taken on?”

    You have made a huge difference to the club, for which thank you.

    The thorniest question is how to persuade quick riders to post “Quick” rides and not be the cuckoos in the mid-pace. I spoke to Ces and Dave the other day and we all agreed that we should try some “Intermediate” rides. I think the first one goes out on Sunday. Wednesdays have also become intermediate pace by default, although some have been a bit quicker. Today was 14.2 mph.

    I think some clubs do not use, gentle, medium, quick, but use A, B, C or just speed range. Could this break down the mentality of being pigeon holed to a group?

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