Handing over the baton – Women’s Ambassador

In every great relay team the goal is to pass the baton on both in time and within the permitted zone so as to keep the team moving with a chance of success at the end.

Well today Laura Key is handing her baton to Clare White as FCCC’s Women’s Ambassador.

With a wedding coming up later this year and preparations for LEJOG Laura felt it was time to step down.

Laura was a really big help to me getting this initiative off the ground in 2022 and helping set up and attend the inaugural meeting as well as leading most of the mid-pace rides for FCCC for the summer/autumn 2022.

May I use this opportunity to openly thank you, Laura, for your help and candour during this past year.  We’ve had the odd good laugh along the way too 😊.

Clare started her riding with FCCC last summer through joining our Easy Trails rides and, like Laura, is now organising ride leading (in her case with Ces) for the Sunday Gentle Pace ride as well as the odd off-road ride too.

Clare also works from time to time with other local cycling activities within Rushmoor and helped us as one of our ‘cycling chaperones’ for our FCCC Family Rides. 

Like Laura, Clare calls things as she sees them, which I very much welcome and wants to continue to develop women’s cycling and a wider participation within FCCC across the many other things we do.

Since the end of the Covid lockdown, our female membership (now on its way to 20% of our total membership) has been one of the fastest growing segments in the Club. It is still growing week by week for all categories of rides (including Time Trialling, Off Road and, of course, Road) and we’re proud to have several female members competing at the World Triathlon and Duathlon Championships for Team GB alongside a few of their male FCCC counterparts.

Please help support Clare in anyway you can.

One of the first things to look out for will be the FCCC ‘Women Members only Bike Maintenance Workshop’.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

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