FCCC Club Night for ‘An Audience with … our Team GB’ (updated for a 5th guest!)

For our Club Night on Friday 28th July (for which you are being given plenty of warning) I will be speaking with a group of individuals who together on stage will share their stories cumulatively for proudly representing their countries under the Team GB banner.

Participating in the 2023 World Long Distance Triathlon Championships , the World Triathlon Duathlon Championships (to name just a couple of events they are competing in) it will be a night to share with these five Lions!

From our very own Club (albeit I still need Morag to renew her membership) we will spending the evening with Morag McDowall, Ruth Jones, Kendra Hall, Jez Hall and Eliot Digby-Jones.

In my book, simply to be selected to represent Team GB and go on to participate in such formidable events is an achievement in itself.

It undoubtedly requires dedication, insane training schedules, discipline (both dietary and sporting) and unquestionable ABILITY.

Come hear their stories at our next Club Night.

Please refer to our calendar of events for more details on the precise timing and location.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

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