2023 Club TT Season Starts Thursday 13th April at 19.00hrs

Spring heralds the start of the Club’s Thursday night Time Trials with the first one on 13th April on the 10 mile HCC216a course starting in Hartley Wintney.

The full list of events and course links can be found on the Club website by clicking here


Hopefully you have already seen that the Club is offering a 4 hour specific time trial training session on the Hillingdon closed racing circuit on Saturday 24 June, focusing on:

  • Starting at a TT, gearing and equipment.
  • Pacing strategies
  • Riding a Team Time Trial
  • Plus practical sessions on the above.

For more information and how to book click here . Club members have priority for places, but non-members can attend if there are spaces left.

For our members, this is a good time to mention the list of club trophies we have up for grabs this year – log on to the website and go to “Members/Club Rules & Regulations” and then scroll down to the list starting on Page 5 (please note – you need to be logged on to access it).

Of particular note the following 2 awards are not dependent on being the fastest rider and are capable of being won by anyone:

  • The Club Championship Challenge Trophy (30) Awarded to the member gaining the highest number of points from time trial events during the season. Points shall be awarded on the following basis to members riding in all club events. Riders starting and finishing an event – 2 points Riders starting but not finishing – 1 point
  • The Encouragement Cup Presented by J. Bispham Esq. (28) Awarded to the member who has shown, as proved through calculation by the time trial secretary, the greatest improvement in club time-trials over the season.
  • The FCCC 2023 Cycling Challenge that was launched via the Club Members Facebook Group on 18 December 2022 includes a new FCCC TT Award that you can claim for riding a minimum of 16 FCCC Club TTs in a calendar year. We have already seen an amazing take-up for the 100 Club Challenge, the Zwift Challenge and the DIRT Badge so we hope you’ll actively pursue and enjoy trying to win the TT Badge in 2023 too. Full details of the 2023 Challenge can be found by clicking here

Plenty for all to aim for this year then, the most important of which are your own PBs!

Jeff Davis

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