An Audience with Richard Prebble

FCCC Club Night – Friday 24th March at 7pm

In life you find personalities that tell you how great they are. You know, the sort who are all over the news while there are others who simply say it through the things they do and the actions they take (outside of the limelight) without feeling the need to constantly blow their own trumpet!

My guest next week is in the latter category. This picture above speaks volumes. His name is among other household names in the world of cycling that some of you may be more familiar with but the table says it all.

Come and hear Richard’s story next Friday at the FCCC Club Night at the Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Club.

I’m posting this as a news item to reach those of you who regularly tell me you did not know about the FCCC Club Night. Well now you do! 😊

Kind regards,

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

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