Ian Stuart and Gareth Davies join the FCCC Committee

I am pleased to announce that Ian Stuart and Gareth Davies have been appointed as Members without Portfolios onto the Committee. We formally voted on their appointments last night.

Ian brings a breadth of knowledge across road, off road and gravel riding to the Committee. That, combined with his day to day work, he is already bringing ideas on how we may want to use Social Media in a different way to make life a little easier for members and help us build upon our desire for a wider more inclusive Cycling Community. Many of you will know Ian from his riding with the Club, his regular attendance at Club Nights and some of his photography at various events over the years.

Gareth is bringing three things to the Club by being on the Committee.

His own world of photography into the Club (where he intends to help photograph FCCC riders at events), accepting the appointment as our ‘Events Coordinator’ and, thirdly, bringing a desire to create bespoke social road and off-road rides for ride events away from this area (such as the FCCC Isle of Wight (which we did last year), a Richmond Park ride and outings to the New Forest – to name just a few).

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming them both on to our Committee.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

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