FCCC’s Inaugural Family Ride for our GoRide Children

A big thanks to Clare White, Paul Burcombe, Dave & Phil Hook, Andria von Lossberg and Jamie Hoare for helping me to run the first FCCC Family Ride today.

In spite of the weather we had 26 riders comprised from 9 families bringing their young children (with ages ranging from 5 to 10) along to ride with FCCC.

The children from our GoRide programme all did extremely well on the varied climbs and descents within Fleet Pond and the new Hartland Village complex riding the trails for a few hours this morning. Well done to all the parents too who rode with us 👍🙂.

Thanks to everyone for the morning’s off-road get together.

Despite the adverse forecast we had NO RAIN. 😎

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

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