In Memory of Dick Agar (1937 – 2022)

Dick Agar (pictured), a former member of the Club, having started his riding with the Camberley Wheelers (‘CWCC’) back in the 1950’s, died on 6 October at the age of 85.

Dick Agar loved cycling and in his 20s was a widely recognised national competitor. He was named best young cyclist in Britain in the 1950’s and his national service team even beat the GB Olympic team in the pursuit!  His son, Matt, wrote to me this week to mention that Dick was a member of Camberley Wheelers and thanks to our website he can see his father’s achievements with teammates Colden and Rogers on the Club’s Hall of Fame page.

Dick Agar was the organiser of the 1961 CWCC 50 mile circuit race.

Matt would be interested to know if there are any members of FCCC who would still remember Dick.   I will pass on Matt ‘s email address to anyone who might want details of the funeral on 1st November.  

Below are some old photos of Dick Agar that Matt has kindly shared with me.

Paul Hosemann (Chair)

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