Last night Dick Poole (photos above and below) devoted his evening for our “An Audience with..” Club Night.

This is a photo of Our Cycling Legend in one of his many 24 hour events. His front light alone must weigh a pound or two?

It demonstrates the technical equipment he rode with back in the 1960’s (to answer a few of the questions our members had for Dick last night).

As Jeff Davis, our previous Chairman, said…

“If you think what you achieved given the equipment you had then just imagine, Dick, what you could have achieved with all of today’s modern carbon fibre and lightweight bikes and clothing that wouldn’t get sodden in the rains you had to endure).

Due to a calculation error on the Race Record’s team and his support team he missed out on the 1,000 mile record by less a quarter mile…. quite a story in itself.

Many many congratulations to Dick for an achievement that will keep him in the Cycling Hall of Fame forever.

Dick kindly came to show members his Cycling Bible which records every single competitive ride he has made since 1953!

50,000 competitive miles.

It’s a privilege to have you as my guest last night and to have interviewed you for FCCC.

As a former, respected , and long serving Chairman of FCCC your parting advice last night to me, as I now carry that baton was…

“Just keep doing what you’re doing Paul.”

Thank you Dick 🙏☑️

Paul Hosemann

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  1. As I wasn’t able to get to the “Dick Poole” club night, is there any possibility of getting some sort of transcript or other copy of the proceedings?
    For interest, I rode quite a few events in which Dick also rode, including 24s. I even rode a tandem 30 with Dick as my stoker!
    He’s one of cycling’s real gentlemen.
    I was sorely disappointed to to be at his evening.

    1. There is no transcript but we have tried to record the interview. We have not listened to the quality of the recording yet but will do so shortly. If it is clear we can eventually share an audio file.

      Kind regards
      Paul Hosemann

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