FCCC Hillingdon Training Day

Well, we successfully completed the second FCCC half-day training at Hillingdon this morning in which we focussed on coaching club riding skills again this morning.

Twenty-four club members were out riding today, which was a tremendous turn-out. Thank you to all of of you who participated. We are sorry for those who had to abort their participation at short notice.

Four coaches (two static and two roaming) imparted their wisdom yet again as we trained members to ride in tight formation, practising drafting one another and riding through & off at various speeds, among other challenges. The session was very informative and even those who had been before still felt they gained yet more again from attending. This will become part of a regular suite of training sessions offered at FCCC. We were even asked to make it a full-day offering in 2023 which we will take on board. There is a lot more we can do in a full day – that’s for sure! We only scraped the surface today.

These training days are exhilarating as well as educational – all while getting a great workout at the same time on a safe, traffic-free, dedicated cycling circuit.

Kind regards,

Paul Hosemann (Chair – on behalf of FCCC)

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  1. it was really good fun, we started with a nice cup of tea and a pecan pastry, we then moved to a briefing – nice chaps they turned out to be too.
    we learnt to communicate effectively, ride in tight formation, play with someone’s ears while riding, give them my water bottle and got theirs in return (which was nice as his had more in). we then had more tea and this time with crisps and sandwiches.
    afterwards we played a game of caterpillars, this was very interesting as we had to do the communication thingy some more – not everyone listened or understood in my group, personally speaking I was struggling to communicate as I was in the fast group and my ability to breath, focus and communicate all at the same time was diminishing with each lap.
    shortly after this a nearing the end of the session, they sent the slow (not so slow) group off, to see if the fast (bloody fast) could catch them inside 3 laps!!!
    during this I learnt another new thing, it would appear I can breathe through my bum , mouth and nose simultaneously (who knew), and with the help of young Skywalker (Luke) and Paul Rees, I was able to hang on for the three laps to the end, where I managed to stifle the overwhelming urge to be violently ill (poor form in front of the ladies) which would have been very unpleasant indeed.
    all in all, if I the event is run again, I would be first in the queue, (albeit in the slower group of riders) as it was a fun day and learnt a few bits that I can take on to others and during rides.
    Thanks to Hosey, young Skywalker, Henry, Nigel and Gavin for their knowledge, insight and patience with the gobby fella with the cleanest chain.

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