A Profound Loss for the World

Whatever your views on the Monarchy, I think yesterday serves to remind us that nothing lasts forever.  The Queen will have touched your life in some way, even if it were only to have sat drinking a coffee momentarily while you rested during a stop at the Farm Shop in Windsor. Some members were even surprised to be served by her and Prince Philip in years gone by.

Like a ticking clock in the background of our lives HRH Elizabeth II was always there. Consistent, reliable and dependable.

Her unquestionable dedication to a service to the country and indirectly, in my view, the world will leave ripples in the ocean of life for years to come.

Although we made the decision to cancel our official public TT on Sat 9th September we are not proposing cancellation of other member only riding and training. One or two members may therefore be offering rides this weekend in celebration of her life. 

Paul Hosemann

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