A Massive Congratulations to Keith Griffiths

Many of you will have followed Keith’s progress as he rode the 1,513.9 Kilometres for the London-Edinburgh-London in under 123 hours (not days but hours) and seen Steve Hammatt’s posts of Keith’s progress on Facebook. I thought we should mark his achievement here too.

You don’t have to be mad to do this sort of event but I’m told it certainly helps. With many looking to do LEJOG in around fourteen days in 2023 we should take a leaf out of Keith’s diary. Despite eating two five course meals a day he only lost 3kg in weight. Personally, my waistline was hoping for a greater circumference reduction than that Keith!

I’m hoping Keith will be a future guest on “An FCCC Audience with…” in the months to come where he can share the finer details of such an ordeal, upon which he clearly thrives. Like what saddle to recommend to club riders!

We often read about epic sporting achievements from time to time but it is even better when we can say we know the person involved.

With the motto Fitter, Faster, Further – Keith is certainly proving we cyclists can do anything we want if we put our minds to it. He is among many talented athletes within the club who I am sure will all join me on saying CONGRATULATIONS Keith.

Keith was sad to report that he only had a few photos in the club colours to share with us. When he’s riding 24 hours a day continuously in the same shorts and top I don’t blame him for wanting a change of fresh clothes along the way.

We have a few pictures he’s chosen where Keith is at the Forth Rail Bridge (when only half way!), at Harthorpe Moss in North Pennines, at the Bernard Castle Control (a check in point) and on the Pennines (with his purple moss colours).

Very well done Keith.

Best regards,

Paul Hosemann (on behalf of all your cycling family and friends at FCCC)

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