Bike Maintenance??

We will soon be offering an evening for Bike Maintenance. A new Club Event for you to join your cycling friends, get your hands dirty and learn about how to look after your own bikes in a convivial atmosphere.

We are still working on the finer details for the evening but we should have several members on hand to demonstrate and advise upon:

  • Roadside puncture repairs and basic brake adjustments
  • Wheel alignment (roadside buckle repairs)
  • Chain repairs and replacement
  • Derailleur removal and gear adjustments

Based upon demand – we may also be offering a more advanced class on Disc Brakes and Bottom Brackets.

Look out for the member email on this in the coming days.

So if you don’t want your bike to look like this (see picture below) come down and learn a few tricks of the trade. We have had many male and female members asking for this. We are doing this to teach everyone something. Don’t be bashful or worried you will look foolish asking questions such as “How do I remove a wheel?”

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Paul Hosemann (Chair and Club Welfare Officer)

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