Bon Voyage to an old friend

One of the true friends I have made at FCCC has left the UK with his wife and gone to finally retire in Adelaide in Australia.

Tony Garmston, as many of you will recall, was one of the most ‘prolific’ and ‘consistent’ all-weather mid-paced ride leaders in the pre-covid era.

He will be ending his membership with the club when it expires shortly so he will no longer be bombarded with all my club posts and messages. Lucky Tony, eh?

It goes without saying my wife and I will miss him and Kay’s company but on behalf of FCCC may I wish them both well and say thank you for all he did riding with and for FCCC.

We formed the unofficial FCCC Friday ride that grew to 14 members with regular attendees like Mike Griffiths and Ian Beck to name just two. We even got Vernon Schutte out with us occasionally too.

From all your friends here at FCCC

Bon voyage Tony 👍

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  1. G’day Paul! Thanks for the kind words…bit like reading your own obituary LOL!
    We’ve finally settled in a new house in SA and have received all of our stuff from the UK so starting to feel at home again.
    I’ve joined a local cycling group so plan to keep riding but do indeed miss the FCCC club rides and the many friends I made along the way. It was and is a great club and I wish you & Andria and everyone there, all the best.
    Cheers mate !

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