Sun Sept 11th is next FCCC’s Hillingdon Coaching Day

Hello everyone 

For the coaching day on Saturday 30th July we kept the content of the day a secret so that it could be a pleasant surprise for the attendees.

Having run it once it no longer needs to be a surprise – even though we will be looking to mix up the games to ensure we don’t just repeat the very same experience for those who have booked both dates.

If you check out the feedback on facebook you’ll realise that the day is organised in such a way that everyone rides together. Don’t be put off by any nagging doubt you may have that you can’t keep up or you are too slow for such a day. 

It’s all about group riding and so we adjust the sessions to allow for the different preferred paces across our members.

What do we teach you?

  • How to truly draft one another and we proactively demonstrate the difference it makes across several ride speeds.
  • Hill climbing as a group
  • Descending as a group
  • Tight formation riding
  • Your relationship with your bike
  • Your relationship with your fellow riders
  • Why communication is so vital

With our riders safety at the heart of the day we create a few tasks and games to play in groups that assist you with the above.

The course is 1.6 kilometres long – so no sooner than you start the lap it is over. You are never far from the club hut where we have some debrief sessions and lunch.

We had four coaches on site at Hillingdon and hope we can achieve a good turn out again for September 11th – our next day.

The session is for four hours from 8.30am to 12.30 Midday.

Places are still available.

It really is a fun and informative day. It’s one of the best club ride experiences I’ve had simply because everyone is supporting each other throughout the entire time on the circuit.

Here is the link..

Here is what one participant said they learned yesterday:

* teamwork

* communication

* concentrating on my fellow riders and what they were doing

* being aware of the consequences my actions may have

* looking ahead rather than at the wheel in front – although I still need to do that

* not to grip the handle bars 

* Riding extremely close to one another ie in the jail situation 

* how the chain gang style will only work if you all work as a team

* not to be hesitant 

* I never stop learning

* doing something I would not have the courage to do ie the hand on the shoulder scenario 

Please come along and help make FCCC’s Session 2 another success.

Paul Hosemann (for and on behalf of FCCC)

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