Club Night – A big Thank you 🙏 to everyone!

To the forty-two who turned up last night and those who wrote to say they could not make it I thank you all for making the first post-covid Club Night a success.

The room had a great vibe from the start to the finish. It was a pleasure to see you all chatting and laughing through the evening.

A special thanks to Shawn Mitchley (pictured) for being our first guest of ‘An Audience with…’ you were a marvellous guest to interview.

The venue was a convivial place to meet and Cart the representative from A&F Rugby Club a great host.

Our Club Chef – thank you for the food and your work behind the scenes.

If you had fun please pass on a good word so that we can get even more to the next evening on Friday 29th September – where Dick Poole will, amongst his other achievements, will tell us how to ride LEJOG in under 48 hours.

Paul Hosemann

For and on behalf of FCCC

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