Incredible Stories to tell…

As an author and film maker (albeit unknown for the majority of you) I am interested in story telling so it comes as no surprise as I speak week by week to our members that many of you have incredible stories to tell.

I’m asking a few of you to be my guests at the Club Nights and allow me the chance to entice you into telling your story to the members.

Whether it’s being an ex-pro rider, a stunt jumper, a recent LEJOG rider, representing your country, record holders of some shape or form, a sports editor in a newspaper or weekly sporting journal or being a national champion I’m slowly finding nuggets of you everywhere I turn.

I am always looking for more guests so if I haven’t found you yet I will or, to make things simpler for me, just contact me and let me know your story and whether you’re willing to be my guest at a future Club Night.

I’m already looking for guests for 2023.

Trust me when I say many of our members really do want to hear your story.

It requires no preparation on your part at all. You just have to sit down with me and pretend no one else is in the room and tell me your story. I’ll be by your side the whole time.

You can reach me at

Paul Hosemann – Chair and Club Welfare Officer

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