Club Trophies – Have You Won?

As a club we are fortunate to have a rich history that includes an impressive trophy collection covering all sorts of categories – not just time trials but also road racing, hill climbs, track racing, MTB, cyclo-cross and even sportives.

The large number of trophies means that sometimes a member might have won something without even realising it, although please bear in mind that only first claim members are eligible for club trophies.

The full list of trophies and the rules for them (including exactly what is needed to win each one) are detailed in the club rules document (pages 5-9), accessible via the Members’ area of the website, although the committee believe the following are the only ones capable of being claimed this year:

The Dowling Trophy (Presented by R. Dowling Esq) (2)

Awarded to the lady member attaining the fastest average of the average speeds in any two 10-mile and two 25-mile CTT type “A” events (during 2021).

50 mile Championship Trophy (13)

Awarded to the member recording the fastest actual time in any open 50 mile event (during 2021).

The B.S.A. ‘100’ Challenge Trophy (Presented by B.S.A. Cycles Ltd. In 1937) (14)

Awarded to the member recording the fastest actual time in any open 100-mile event (during 2021).

The Sportive Trophy (37)

Awarded to the member with the greatest total distance ridden in Sportives and Audaxes. The time period to be 12 months from 1st October to 30th September (i.e. 1 Oct 2020 to 30 Sep 2021).

The Cyclo-Cross Trophy (46)

Awarded to the member scoring the greatest number of British Cycling points in cyclo-cross races, all eligible events to count, for the twelve month period between 1st February and 31st January inclusive (i.e. 1 Feb 2021 to 31 Jan 2022). The points awarded will be in accordance with the current BC rules for that particular year. To be considered for the trophy, riders must produce evidence of their points for events throughout the season to the Off-Road Secretary not later than 7th February in each year.

The MTB Trophy (47)

Awarded to the rider who, as a first claim club member, completes the most kilometres whilst completing rides that are principally conducted “off-road” i.e. not on the public highway, but on non-paved tracks, bridleways, paths, and byways, from January 1 to December 31 in the preceding year (i.e. 1 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021). Riders must produce evidence to support their claim to the Off-Road Secretary, who shall be the final arbiter in deciding on the validity of the claim, not later than 7th February in each year.

The onus is on members to come forward and claim trophies so please email the committee ( with your claim and list of rides to support it.  The committee will be finalising the list of winners at the next meeting on 14th February so the closing dates referred to for the Cyclo-Cross and MTB trophies above will be extended to Friday 11th February for this year.

Get you claims in and make sure you’ve got your Club Night of the Year (CNOTY) tickets to pick up the awards on 19th March.

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