Cross is Boss

Several club members took part in the Wessex League Cyclocross race at Popham Airfield, Hampshire on Sunday 14 November.

Experienced racers Scott Heyhoe and Martin Richardson were in the v50 and v40 races, while Calum Wooldridge and Brian Goosens both had their first full-length CX races. Brian is from Belgium and a massive cyclocross fan, and he writes below about his experience:

“I’ll try to keep it short, however difficult this will prove to be for a Belgian talking about cyclocross! First of all, to anyone interested in giving it a go, I’ve convinced my partner twice now to come with me because there’s always food trucks and drinks available, which is quite an incentive! Having someone to throw your jacket to before the start is always a bonus! It’s a fun day out for the whole family to be honest.

It was the first race that I’ve finished today, and it was fun from the first till the last lap. All aspects of cycling, from all disciplines, come together in cyclocross: BMX-style start, mountainbike-like course, all ridden on a road bike! I was worried about entering my first CX race as I’m not 100% fit (to my liking) but it really doesn’t matter, this is all about fun and the atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. I’ve definitely been bitten by the CX bug after the Popham race and will be back more and more, hoping to do the entire season next year. If anyone wants to give it a go or has any doubts, please contact me. I’m more than happy to help if I can! Would love to see more and more club members join of all age groups and gender! The women’s scene in cyclocross is currently growing faster than bitcoin!”

If you’d like to join in with the fun, or simply to know more, then contact and we can help you get into this very popular side of the sport.

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