National 10 mile TT Championships: Alex Ballinger

The National 10 mile Time Trial Championships were recently held on the A4 in Berkshire, on Sunday 30 August 2020, on the H10/3R course. A rider of course needs to have put in some very fast TT times to be invited to compete in the National Championships, so the club would like to give big congratulations to club member Alex Ballinger for earning a place.

Alex has been working very hard on his TT training this year, and with the Covid situation meaning a complete lack of races until very recently, it’s not been easy for any time triallists to keep up their motivation.

The championship course was a tricky one, with crosswinds throughout making things even harder than usual. So for Alex to finish in a time of 20:34 was an excellent result, and gave him an overall 72nd place out of 148 finishers. That put him in the top half of the very best time triallists in the whole country.

Very well done indeed to Alex, and we wish him even greater success in the future as he continues to build on his success.

Photo credits: Newbury Velo/ Mark Chance, Glenn & Collette Haworth and Chris Culley

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