50 by 50 Mountains High – Monday 7 September at 7:30pm

Club night returns, via Zoom, with an external speaker – Tony Blake. He set himself a challenge to complete all of the 50 climbs in Daniel Friebe’s book “Mountain High” before he turned 50, and to write a book about it (see https://medium.com/@antony_blake/the-road-of-the-pros-and-you-c33fdba44e26).

He’ll be talking about the idea of cycling to summits to enjoy the mountain, the experience and the location. He’ll share the motivation, the planning, and the fact that he’s just a regular guy who was overweight and on a budget. The way that he took an existing book and then actually riding the suggestions and reporting back to tell his story.

Tony will be sharing his favourite climbs, which are perhaps not the ones that you might immediately think of. And he hopes to try and motivate more of us into weekend dashes that are achievable by all.

Look out for a link to the call in due course, and join in to hear lots more!

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