The Results Are In

We have the final scores from June’s Climbing Challenge, and we’re pleased to say that we climbed a total of 525,614 metres in June – that’s 65 times the height of Everest! A little way off from the 1 million metres target, but it’s the first year that we’ve tried this, and we will get there! We’ve been delighted to see so many members joining in.

This challenge has seen some extraordinary efforts. To celebrate your achievements, we have decided to use the Tour de France jersey classifications to name the best climber, most podium finishes, the best women’s climber and the best young rider for the month. The attached infographic shows the podiums for each category for each week of June too. So well done if you made the podium!

Darren Roberts takes the Polka Dot Jersey with 45,878 metres climbed in the month.

Don Blake takes the Yellow Jersey with the most podium finishes.

Laila Al Adwani takes the Green Jersey (re-purposed for this event) with the most metres climbed in the women’s category.

And the Young Rider White Jersey goes to Thomas Garner for most metres climbed for an under-25.

Well done to you all. Chapeau!

Each of these winners will receive a prize of a set of Tour De France coasters (see pictures ) from the Club.

Darren, due to his role in organising the event, has kindly donated his prize back into the Club for a competition so that someone else can win them. So it’s COMPETITION TIME!

We have left a big question mark in the ‘Kilometres Ridden’ box in the attached infographic. The Club member who guesses closest to the final amount wins a set of coasters. Please send your guess to Only one guess per person! If you change your mind then send another email, and your previous guess will be removed. Entries close at noon on Sunday 12 July, and results will be announced on Monday 13 July.

Well done to everyone.

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