Everesting for Charity

As part of our June climbing challenge, club member Daz Roberts will be attempting a “virtual Everest” on his turbo trainer on Zwift this weekend, starting this afternoon (Sat 27 June) at around 3pm.

He’ll be on the Alpe du Zwift climb on Zwift. At some 1,035m (3,398ft) in elevation, that means he’s going to have to do approximately 8.5 climbs of Alpe du Zwift to match Everest’s 8,848m (29,029 ft).

As well as putting this climbing towards our one million metres June challenge, Darren is doing this mammoth effort as part of the Everesting Hope Challenge which takes place today to raise money for the Hope For Justice charity, which aims to help bring an end to modern slavery. You can find out more details about this and donate at https://hopeforjustice.org/virtualhopechallenge/

If you’re on Zwift then I’m sure Daz wouldn’t mind some company on some of his climbing, so feel free to join in.

Good luck Daz!

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