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One of the most common ways that new members join the club is through trying out a club ride. With our usual club rides being suspended at present, it would be natural to think that this opportunity would be unavailable to us for the moment.

However, we’re delighted to welcome aboard our first new member who tried out a club ride online, via Zwift. A warm welcome to Jodie Packham, who joined our Zwift club ride last Sunday and subsequently decided to sign up for membership.

Having a voice chat going (via Discord) during these online rides makes things very sociable, with people able to chat even more easily than on a normal club ride (no need to move up or down in the group to say something to another rider). Zwift’s “Keep Together” feature for group rides means that no-one gets dropped unless they choose to do bow out, and “getting home” on your own if you do decide you’ve had enough is as easy as stepping off the trainer.

If you’d like to find out more about our online rides, then members can check out our Social Rides forum, and non-members can email for details.

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