Zwift Club Rides are Go!

Everyone will be aware that group riding outside isn’t allowed at the moment. Solo rides are ok though, and with a spot of nice weather it’s of course an appealing option to go riding on your own.

If you don’t want to ride alone then another, more social, option is a Zwift club ride, on a turbo trainer at home. If you don’t know what Zwift is then there’s a great opportunity to find out a lot more from our upcoming online club night on Friday 3 April, where Cycling Weekly journalist (and club member) Alex Ballinger will be talking about Zwift.

This morning the club organised a group ride on Zwift, and seven club members were able to ride “together” around New York. The magic of Zwift keeps everyone together, no matter how much power they might be putting out on their turbos. This means that everyone can get a good workout (or a nice gentle ride if that’s what they want), while keeping in a group but still being able to move about, as you can see in the attached screenshots. As long as you keep pedalling and don’t stop completely, you stay with the group. Big thanks to Vernon Schutte for getting this going for the club.

To make this even more social, we’ve been using an app (Discord) on our mobiles for voice chat. So everyone is able to talk to each other while riding, just like on a regular ride.

If you’re a club member and you’d like to join in, then look out on our social rides forum for details of the next Zwift club rides. Or if you’re not a member and would like to find out more, then email

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