In a Field with Ian Field

By Scott Heyhoe

I was lucky enough to be one of six FCCC cyclo cross racers to find themselves at CycloPark in Kent, with multiple National CycloCross Champion, Ian Field. And what a fantastic coaching experience! We learned everything from explosive starts to how to ace slippery corners to confident off-camber descents to picking up the bike and jumping over hurdles.

Cyclo cross is the fastest growing cycling discipline, and it’s easy to see why. What was more difficult was understanding how Ian could make everything look so smooth and so effortless! However, that was why we were there. With a few demonstrations from Ian, several attempts by each of us, and some expertly-delivered alterations, suddenly, the magic began to happen, confidence flowing through us.

Four of us raced in various Regional championships the following week, each reporting great improvements. “Off cambers and sweeping turns were a dream”, said Alex. You can read more of Alex’s exploits in this week’s Cycling Weekly (12 December 2019 edition). My ability to carry speed through corners was night and day different, and I actually found myself cursing that I could have ridden even faster, such was my improvement in racing line. This, after all, is the benefit of coaching: unlocking potential. A superb day was had by all.

Thanks to Ian Field for sharing skills that will stay with us for a long time, to Ian Stuart for coming along and taking some wonderful photographs, and for FCCC for covering the cost.

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