Off-Road Ride Report – 6/17/19

By Tom Garner

A brisk start on a warm Saturday morning was completely frozen by a puncture less than 1 mile in. However, once we had put some new rubber in, we cruised along the canal and into the woods.

The route, which had been titled “Fleet to Frensham the hard way!”, soon unveiled the first challenge, the suitably named “impossible hill”. This short climb is covered in gravel and kicks up to what feels like over 30%. A short walk for most of us except two nifty climbers who managed to grind their way up.

After the “impossible hill” the route carried on through some lovely landscapes and bought us to Frensham pond where the water looked very inviting. A quick 5 minute ride down to the local shop in Tilford is where we sought much needed water due to the blazing heat.

The route was perfect. A mixture of everything was thrown in which in some places tested your skills and in others rewarded you with some amazing sights. It was a wonderful ride and the bike handling skills will definitely benefit me out on the road!

Sadly me and my dad had to depart early so we dashed home quickly on the road leaving the rest of the guys to tackle some even more rough terrain. Near the end of the ride, in Caesar’s Camp, another brick wall of a hill got in the way of Jon, Tony, Cameron and Terry. However they all managed to power their way up the loose climb!

I’d like to thank Terry Holmes and Scott Heyhoe for organising it.

If you’d like to get involved with club off-road rides, then contact our off-road secretary, Scott Heyhoe.

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