Off-Road Ride Saturday 20 April

The next club off-road ride will be on Saturday 20 April. Although we’d planned to make the second Saturday of each month the regular slot for these rides, unfortunately this month real life has conspired against us and all our potential ride leaders have other commitments. So 20 April it is, and then hopefully from May onwards we’ll be able to do the second Saturday thing on a more regular basis.

Terry Holmes will be leading the 20 April ride, and full details will be available soon. As usual, we’ll be trying to accommodate both cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes, though we’ll know better on that once the route is finalised.

Also, look out for further news about a mid-week evening club off-road ride! Now that we’re getting lighter evenings, mid-week evening rides are easier to accommodate. More information coming soon, so stay tuned.

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