Trophy Winners 2018

Our very own club legend, President Dick Poole, presented the trophies for 2018 at last weekend’s Club Night of the Year. A full list of winners is included below, along with photos of those that were able to collect their trophies on the night.

If you’d like to know what you need to do in order to win one of our prestigious trophies, then simply check out the club rules document via the Members section of the website.

Those who won trophies and weren’t able to attend – don’t worry, we’ll be in touch soon with details of how you can collect your award(s).

  • BAR Championship – Vernon Schutte
  • Veteran’s BAR Championship – Vernon Schutte
  • The BSA 100 Challenge Trophy – Vernon Schutte
  • The Farnborough Traders 12 Hour Trophy – Vernon Schutte
  • The Senior Road Race Bowl – Nick Hale
  • 10 Mile Championship – James Goward
  • 25 Mile Championship – James Goward
  • Veterans’ 10 Mile Championship – James Goward
  • Veterans’ 25 Mike Championship – James Goward
  • 50 Mile Championship – Tim Carman
  • The League of Veterans Road Race Trophy – Tony Clack
  • The Surrey League Road Race Trophy – Warren Vye
  • The Surrey League Veteran Men’s Trophy – Warren Vye
  • The Sportive Trophy – Keith Griffiths
  • Hill Climb Trophy – Tom Vandersluis
  • Veterans’ Hill Climb Trophy – Simon Hunt
  • The Consolation Cup – Rob Matheson
  • The Encouragement Cup – Rob Matheson
  • The Club Championship Challenge Trophy – Mark Vandersluis
  • The John Bull Tyre Challenge Trophy – C. Bartley, AS Test Team
  • The John Pickers Memorial Trophy – Steve Hammatt

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