Committee News and New Members

We’re pleased to announce that we have two new committee members. Deb Coren is our new general secretary, and Scott Heyhoe is our new social secretary and also will be looking after the club’s expanded off-road activities on the committee. We’re grateful to them for stepping forward – we’re always in need of help. Remember, the club doesn’t run itself, and we need your help to make things happen.

On a related note, we need as many members as possible to come along to the AGM on 1 February to help us all move the club forward. Thanks.

We’d also like to welcome all the new members and returning ex-members who have joined the club over the past few months: John Constantinou, Stephen Woolley, Stephen Edwards, Vaughan Newcombe, Gordon Rendell, Carlson Lopes, Tracey Cooper, Dalton Flesch, Carl White, Conor Boyle, Paul Knight, Adam Basson, Mike Griffiths, Jamie Parkinson, Richard Sutcliffe, Luke Seal, Caroline Wallace, Ryan Holleywood, Alex Ballinger and Matthew Fawcett. We’re pleased to have you aboard.

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