Trophy Claims – Time is Running out!

A reminder about the importance of claiming club trophies. As posted about previously, we are very fortunate to have a large number of club trophies within the club (far more than are pictured above).

However, the onus is on members to come forward to the committee and claim trophies (or for road race trophies, contact the road race secretary in the first instance). Thank you to all who have submitted claims so far (though that’s very few of you!).

The full list of trophies and the rules for each one are detailed in the club rules document (pages 5-9), accessible via the Members’ area of the website.

If you think that you have won a trophy in one of our own club time trial championships then it’s easy enough for the committee to see that. But for many trophies it’s a lot less clear. For example, there are time trials all over the country that members may have entered that may count towards winning a trophy, and the committee will probably have no idea about members entering those non-club time trials. Hence the importance of claiming.

Here’s another example – The Sportive Trophy, which according to the rules (page 8) is “awarded to the member with the greatest total distance ridden in sportives and audaxes. The time period to be 10 months from 1st February to 30th November.” Now this is one where the committee will have no real idea who might have won this, and we need members to present their lists of sportives and audaxes to us. Someone out there will have won this, and we want as many trophies as possible to be looked after and displayed by members and not to have to sit in a box in a storeroom somewhere!

The trophies are presented annually at the club dinner (date for 2019 to be advised soon).

Don’t be shy in coming forward, and please email the committee if you would like to put forward a claim for a trophy.

Good luck!

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