Off-Road Update

We’re busy working to promote and expand the off-road activities within the club and trying to get more members involved, covering both mountain biking and cyclo-cross.

The recent club night on cyclo-cross was very successful and well-attended, and the slides from Scott Heyhoe’s presentation are now available on the updated cyclo-cross page.

Also now on that same page is a link to a cyclo-cross race report section, with the starting point being a report on two races at Milton Keynes last month.

Now that we’re incorporating mountain biking into the website as well, you might notice that the menus have been slightly restructured, with CX moving into a new Off-Road menu, and with a new mountain biking  page being added.

The mountain biking page is still under construction and is at a very early stage. We know that many club members are keen mountain bikers, and we’re keen to promote and organise more off-road club rides. If you’re currently riding off-road on your own and would like to sometimes ride with others, then get in touch with Scott Heyhoe, who is organising some rides. Or if you already have your own group off-road ride and would like to promote it and get other club members involved, then similarly please get in touch.

If you have any input about club off-road cycling, then please either get in touch with Scott or with the committee in general. It’s your club and we need you to make things happen!

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