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Website FAQs

Answers to common questions about using the website and forum.

Time zone on the Forum is wrong

If the time on the forum seems to be wrong, you can change it from your forum member options. Each user can set their own time zone - and don't forget to tick if you want to respond to summer time settings.

Can't log out!

This has now been fixed.

Changing the default order of posts on the Forum

I've had a number of requests to change the default order of topics on the forums from oldest first to most recent first. Unfortunately, this can't be done for the forum as a whole without hacks and I'm trying to avoid those. However, the order can be sorted on a per user basis. 

Log Ins

Note that your cookie settings need to allow cookies to be saved for this site if you want to be able to log in to the forum and also to see the members only and other secure areas. If you are having trouble with logins between the site and the forum, try clearing your cookies.

A couple of users have reported problems with Internet Explorer 8 and 9 (this is not universal, I have tested both and they seem OK, so it is to do with security settings). One suggestion has been to use 'inprivacy' browsing which is available in IE9.



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