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Website Changes

Advertising on the Website

You may notice on the website (soon), a graphic that will link to a local service supplier. We are now offering this service to local suppliers to help offset the cost of running the website. If you are a local service or product supplier that would like a link from the site, please contact Bob for details. The cost is low and there are discounts for members.

Updates to the Website

Peter, our rides coordinator, has modified the section of the site covering rides.  If you see any issues, please let him know.

Forum Offline Monday 1st Oct

Update successful!


The forum will go offline around 8:30 this evening, hopefully for a short time for an upgrade.

Forum posting

We've had some 'spam' posts on the forum over the last few days. To avoid this, we have had to restrict posting on the site to club members only. It was previously possible for 'registered' visitors to post.

If you find that you can't post, it's likely that there's a problem with the group that you're in. Let me know if you have a problem and I'll sort it out.


Added a way to make Paypal payments on the 'Contact Us' menu.

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