Time Trial Trophies

06 Oct 2017

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B.A.R. Championship Trophy

The Dowling Trophy

Junior B.A.R. Trophy

Youth B.A.R. Trophy

"Glider" Veterans' Championship Trophy

The John Bull Tyre Challenge Trophy

Senior 10 mile Championship Trophy

25 mile Championship Trophy

30 mile Championship Trophy

50 mile Championship Trophy

The B.S.A. '100' Challenge Trophy

The Farnborough Traders' 12-hour Trophy

24-hour Championship Trophy

Youth 10 mile Championship Trophy

Junior 10 mile Championship Trophy

Ladies' 10 mile Championship Shield

Veterans' 10 mile Championship

The "Saddle" Trophy

The A.J. Rumble Memorial Trophy

Hill-climb Trophy

Youth Hill-climb Trophy

Junior Hill-climb Championship

Ladies' Hill-climb Championship

Veterans' Hill-climb Trophy

The Hanover Shield

The Wolmer Cup

The Consolation Cup

The Bispham Memorial Trophy

The Encouragement Cup

The Austral Trophy

The Club Championship Challenge Trophy



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